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SPR503 Handheld

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Product characteristics:

The SPR503 is a miniature X-ray integrated source, which is composed of a miniature x-ray tube, a miniature high-voltage power supply and a filament power supply. The micro X-ray tube adopts the end window structure, and the Core Beam Angle can reach 100 degrees; The interior is sealed with solid insulation to ensure safety and portability;



It is widely used in RoHS detection and X-ray fluorescence analysis, mainly for mineral composition analysis. 

SPR503 Handheld
project parameterstandard
Nominal X-ray tube voltage50kVIEC 60613-2010
Maximum tube current200μA
Maximum anode input power4W
Maximum filament currentdirect 12V
Filament voltage≥9VA
Focal spot size1mmEN12543-1999
Target materialTungsten, Molybdenum and Rhodium etc
Inherent Filtration100μmBeIEC60522-1999
Core Beam Angle100°


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