Application Area

application area

Specializing in high-end X-ray tubes and supporting accessories

Elemental analysis

Elemental analysis

including heavy metal detection in grain, ROHS detection, precious metal detection, sulfur detection in gasoline, calcium iron analysis, ore sorting, archaeological identification and other fields.

Available targets:Cu, W, Mo, Rh, Ag, Cr, Fe, Co, Ti, Pt


Optional SPR50HB   SPR50HB-C   SPR60HB-C   SPR50100HB   SPR50H   SPR65H   SPR65HG   SPR502   SPR503

X-Ray Imaging

Including PCB inspection, spotting machine, industrial CT, food foreign object detection, archaeological identification, Jewellery Inspecting etc

X-Ray Imaging

PCB board detection

Jewelry testing equipment

Jewelry inspection

OptionalSPR50HB   SPR50HB-C   SPR60HB-C    SPR50H   SPR65H     SPR65HG

XRF Coating Measurement

XRF Coating Measurement

XRF Coating Measurement is used to verify the thickness and composition of the coating in the whole electroplating industry, and is applicable to various electroplating plants

OptionalSPR50HB   SPR50HB-C   SPR60HB-C

Liquid Level Measurement

Be used for height measurement of canned liquids, suitable for various canned beverage factories

Liquid Level Measurement

Liquid level height detection equipment

OptionalSPR50HB   SPR50HB-C    SPR50H


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