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Product characteristics:

The SPR60HB-C is a multi-purpose side beryllium window X-raytube houing. The shell material is Brass, Insulation oil is used for high voltage insulation and cooling in the X-raytube housing.The anode of this X-ray tube housing is connected to high voltage, and the cathode and window are grounded. Brass case improves heat dissipation performance and radiation shielding more effectively.


It is widely used in RoHS detection, X-ray fluorescence analysis, densitometric analysis, X-ray imaging, on-line process control and other scientific research field and industrial sectors. Mainly used for PCB industry detection, all kinds of drilling target machines, and the thickness of the X-ray coating thickness detection.

project parameter standard
Nominal X-ray tube voltage60kVIEC 60613-2010
Maximum tube current1mA
Maximum anode input power50W
Maximum filament current1.7A
Filament voltage2.0~2.5 V
Focal spot size50μm、70μm、100μmEN12543-1999
Target materialtungsten, molybdenum and rhodium etc
Inherent Filtration100μm,or 200μmBeIEC60522-1999
Core Beam Angle20°
Core Beam Angle20°


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