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Product characteristics

The SPR50HB is a kind of multi-purpose side beryllium window X ray tube housing, which can replace the importedproduct.  Stainless steel shell package, assembly with insulating oil for high voltage insulation and cooling.The anode of this X-ray tube housing is connected to high voltage, and the cathode and window are grounded.


It is widely used in RoHS detection, X-ray fluorescence analysis, densitometric analysis, X-ray imaging, on-line process control and other scientific research field and industrial sectors. Mainly used for PCB industry detection, all kinds of drilling target machines,and the thickness of the X-raycoating thickness detection.

project parameterstandard
Nominal X-ray tube voltage50kVIEC 60613-2010
Maximum tube current1mA
Maximum anode input power50W
Maximum filament current1.7A
Filament voltage2.0~2.5 V
Focal spot size50μm、70μm、100μmEN12543-1999
Target materialtungsten, molybdenum and rhodium etc
Inherent Filtration100μm,or 200μmBeIEC60522-1999
Core Beam Angle24°
Core Beam Angle24°


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